Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   August 31, 2018


Marketing more than most industries moves incredibly rapidly as consumer behavior changes and the technologies at our disposal advance. Which is why you need to keep up if you want to generate a respectable ROI and communicate effectively with your customers and audience. In 2019 this is true more than ever as emerging technologies are likely to drastically change the industry and enable us to contact consumers in an increasing number of ways.


The Rising Popularity of Smart Speakers


So-called smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home allow consumers to search online without needing to get out of their chair. But it’s not just voice search that’s becoming popular on these devices; there is also audio streaming, podcasts, and news. All of which you can access via your smart speaker. As a marketer, these all present an opportunity for you to get your message across in a unique manner.


More Frequent Live Video


Live video has been around for years, but it’s only very recently that it’s become feasible and is being used more frequently. Until now most mobile networks didn’t have the bandwidth to support it in high resolution, whereas now we can see events on the other side of the world wherever we are. Small and large businesses alike can use this to demonstrate products, share information and educate their audiences.


Video in Public


As much of the worlds advertising dollars are going online, there is a vast ocean of opportunity back in the real world especially with advances in technology. Billboards, posters and bus timetables that were once made from paper are now using high-quality screens, and many of them sell advertising. Through these, you can create ingenious ads that can capture the attention of your viewer and make a significant impact.


Chatbots for Marketing and Support


Scaling customer service and online sales is incredibly costly, especially when you’re dealing with consumer grade products that appeal to the masses. In these cases, chatbots are powerful, scalable and can drive the costs of a company down while boosting your marketing and sales prowess. What’s not to love?


More Public CEO’s


Marketing runs throughout the business, and every action that any employee takes could be considered marketing, but none more than the CEO. Gone are the days of bosses sitting in offices smoking cigars and drinking wine, now you’re more likely to see them creating videos, appearing at conferences and writing on Twitter. You only need to look at Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington and Steve Jobs to see that the public CEO is a useful marketing tool.


Increased PPC Spend


With more spend leaving radio and TV to head online, it’s inevitable that PPC spend on platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads will increase. Not only is it more trackable, which can boost your ROI and make it easier to convince executives of their use, but many believe that it’s also more effective because people tune out of radio and TV advertising.


A Return to SEO


As social media has become more popular, SEO has taken the backseat. But marketers are slowly starting to come back to this old technique because as with anything, new shiny objects aren’t always superior. Search Engine Optimization can drive thousands of sales each month for your business and bring in a humongous number of new visitors to your website.


Augmented and Virtual Reality


AR and VR are still in their infancy, but quickly they are becoming both more advanced and more available to the everyday person. Simple AR like Pokémon Go and other apps have shown the utilization and vitality that it presents and it’s up to us to figure out a way to use it smartly for advertising.


Voice Search


Voice search isn’t only for smart speakers; it’s quickly becoming expected on both cell phones and our gaming devices and televisions. While currently voice search often shows us Google or Bing results, it’s likely that within the year there will be a separate or altered algorithm which we can take advantage of to appear in the voice search results and increase our publicity.


Online Content Sponsorship


Each day more content is uploaded online than ever before, and much of it is reaching millions of people per video, podcast or article. While traditional banner ads are going out of favor, online content sponsorship is practically native and can be extremely effective especially when it’s presented by a content producer that the audience trusts.


You only need to look at YouTube, podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience and online magazines to see that sponsorship is big business. Companies are spending tens of thousands of dollars and far more in some cases to be featured in this content, and it’s paying dividends over and over again.