Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   October 15, 2017

Social media marketing is a step in the right direction for most companies. Social media in and of itself represents the evolution of marketing in a form that is new and exciting. It allows a level of communication with your customers that has never been achieved before. In order to utilize this tool to the best of its capability, we need to break down the essentials of how social media marketing functions and understand the secrets behind this new communication medium. As a content marketer, these are the key points that you should know about social media.

Know Which Social Channel best serves your Needs

Social media channels come in a number of different iterations. From Facebook, to Twitter to Pinterest, different social media networks cater to different user types. Understanding where your ideal user is located is essential to figuring out how you can utilize a particular channel to reach your target demographic. It is among the first things you must determine before embarking on a content marketing campaign on social media: Which media channel targets my target demographic best?

Develop a Strategy

Just like regular content marketing, social media marketing requires you to have a plan. What is your content trying to accomplish? How is it going about accomplishing this? By having a general idea about what you want your audience to do (i.e. visit a website or click on a link, etc.) you can tailor your content around this particular call to action and use it to generate traffic to your external site.

Utilize your Time and Resources Efficiently

You will never be able to have enough time and resources to cover every single channel of social media out there. The thing is, covering all of social media isn’t the goal of your content marketing strategy. Getting access to the most relevant users is. To this end you should develop your content strategy to focus on a few relevant channels of social media and ignore the rest. Choose the ones that have the largest concentration of your target demographic for maximum effectiveness.

Use your Analytics

Analytical data is available from social media sites in order to aid marketers in targeting their content as well as seeing where their content performs the best. Utilizing analytical reports, you can develop content that is targeted to a particular sub-group and see how well that sub-group responds in terms of likes, shares, or other social media currency. Using the numbers to tailor your content to the “right” users can have an enormous impact on your content seeing the kind of circulation that will increase overall off-site traffic.

Use Social Media to Stay Current

In 2015, many businesses have embraced social media marketing as a viable method of increasing their overall traffic while at the same time staying relevant on the Internet that evolves on a daily basis. Whilst social media is but one facet of marketing overall, it could very well be the best idea for smaller businesses in order to compete on a global market. Understanding the essentials of social media marketing gives them the edge they need.


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