Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   July 3, 2018

The Top 5 Tools for Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rates

There’s no shortage of programs which promise to help increase your traffic and boost your site’s position in the search engines. In fact, there are almost too many tools. You don’t want to deal with a whole bunch of programs. The easier option is to pick only one or two tools which do just what […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   July 2, 2018

65 Must-Know CSS Strategies and Tutorials

Often times we only learn the CSS strategies we need to as we go through new projects. However, we should study new strategies in our spare time as well. This way, we can discover new and more efficient methods of getting things done for the future. Adding details and advanced CSS techniques to projects when […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   June 29, 2018

5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know about Content Creation

Content creation is something that every entrepreneur should be aware of, because it can be monumental in increasing the traffic to a website. Content creation, therefore, should be something than an entrepreneur knows inside and out. Content creators are the people who know the most about actually putting together content, but it is in the […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   June 25, 2018

3 Content Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Content will always be a huge part of the internet marketing strategy for practically any online business. The good news is that content is an inexpensive way to generate leads and conversions. The bad news? The need for content never really stops. As long as you have a site, you’ll need to publish new content […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   June 24, 2018

Dark vs. Light Design: Does It Really Matter?

I can see many readers thinking, “Why would it matter? Light or dark design is just a designer’s personal preference, right?” It’s easy to think this, but dark and light design are world’s apart. Also, with the rising trend of dark website design, a closer look into the differences is needed. Why Use Light Design? […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   June 23, 2018

Important Components in Portfolio Design

For those planning on building a portfolio for the first time, an important initial step is to understand the basic components of this type of website, and why each are important. By understanding what’s needed, a designer can then work around these core features to create the unique and visually appealing design they need to […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   June 22, 2018

How to Find Motivation During the Design Process

When working with clients, it can be hard to keep focus during a long project — or just when things aren’t going your way. Here are some top strategies to finding the motivation you had at the beginning of the project once again. Creativity is something that has a mind of its own, which is […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   June 20, 2018

Create a Portfolio Client Area Using PHP and MySQL: Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, this tutorial will go over some security issues for our sign up form. When dealing with databases, it is important to make sure the client’s information is secure. The tutorial will also go over some ways to make sure the user enters in correct data. In the last tutorial we left […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   June 17, 2018

How to Improve Mobile Site Speed (and Why You Need To)

Big changes are coming to Google’s search algorithm. Called the Mobile First update, Google will soon rank sites based on their mobile version instead of their desktop version. Mobile optimization is quickly gearing up to be more important than ever before. If you’re not familiar with this major upcoming change, I recommend checking out A […]