Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   May 28, 2018

Bots for SEO

When you hear about internet bots, what sort of ideas come to mind? Probably something a bit on the sinister side. Bots have a notoriously bad reputation. They spam, vote brigade and might even be responsible for interfering with U.S. politics. But bots aren’t all bad. They’re simply a tool, and like any tool they […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   May 26, 2018

PHP For Beginners: Part III

If you haven’t seen the first two posts for this series, be sure to check them out below: PHP for Beginners: Part I PHP for Beginners: Part II This exercise assumes that you either have PHP installed on your computer already or that you have access to a server with PHP support. Some might call […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   May 26, 2018

Pillar Content: Boost Blog Traffic with Pillar Posts

The objective of online marketing is to establish an online presence, build brand visibility, and generate sales. Creating pillar content is one of the best ways to reach these goals. It helps you establish your blog as an authority in your niche by driving targeted traffic your way. Below we break down pillar content so […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   May 24, 2018

Cross Promote Your Brand to Build Credibility and Broaden Your Reach

Cross promotion is an excellent way to build partnerships with a common goal—to increase sales. You can think of it as a win-win business situation. It involves finding a partner to leverage the power of your press release to its optimal potential. What Is Cross Promotion? Cross promotion isn’t a new practice. You probably see […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   May 24, 2018

Hiring an SEO Expert

How difficult is it to get a website online? Truthfully, building a website today is easier than ever before. Programs such as WordPress will walk you through most of the heavy lifting. Even if you’ve never launched a website before, you could probably have a working site ready-to-go in just a few days. But is […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   May 22, 2018

The Secret Powers of Data-Driven Content

Even if you’re not very familiar with SEO strategies, you probably understand the importance of content. Fresh, engaging content published on a regular basis accomplishes two goals: Your site’s position in the search results increases and your connection with customers deepens. If you’re a business owner, you’ll probably get the best results by hiring an […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   May 21, 2018

A Smart Internet Marketing Strategy: Targeting Niche Markets

The World Wide Web has captivated my attention ever since I was introduced to it in 1997. That was about 20 years ago and ever since that time, my interest about all the different things that can be done through the Internet has continued to grow. For the last couple of years, I have been […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   May 21, 2018

Using Reddit to Promote Your Brand

Do you go to Reddit often? Reddit is a gigantic source of content, organized into smaller categories called subreddits. Users vote up content they like. Popular content can be seen by tens of millions. Such a large site can play a powerful role in your SEO efforts. But there’s a right and wrong way to […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   May 20, 2018

18 Web Design Blogs you Should be Following

Need an extra boost in creativity? Follow these 19 web design (and some development) blogs to learn, grow, and become inspired. Whether you’ve heard of all of them or not, everyone of these blogs is worth a follow. 1. Smashing Magazine 2. Web Designer Depot 3. Web Design Dev 4. Spoon Graphics 5. Line25 6. […]

Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   May 20, 2018

10 Needed WordPress Plugins

Some WordPress plugins are pointless, others are fun, but these 10 are needed by any blogger. It can be impossible to find the right ones, so I’ve collected a list of, in my opinion, the top 10 WordPress plugins, and responded to why they’re helpful. 1. Akismet This comes with every recently installed version of […]