Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson   -   June 29, 2018

Content creation is something that every entrepreneur should be aware of, because it can be monumental in increasing the traffic to a website. Content creation, therefore, should be something than an entrepreneur knows inside and out. Content creators are the people who know the most about actually putting together content, but it is in the best interest of entrepreneurs to understand some home truths about content creation such as:

Content that Evokes Positive Feelings is More Popular

People like feeling good. The best stories are those that have happy endings and, although tragedies do evoke some pretty powerful feelings, the evocation of joy usually surpasses these. Positive feelings tend to have a much better user response than negative feelings. Dealing with things like joy and celebration are what you should be building your successful content plan around.

Good Content Helps the Reader

There have been a couple attempts to define what can be taken as “good content”. All things considered, good content is content that gives something back to the reader. Whether it teaches them something new, expounds on something they already know, or gives them a different point of view on something they already have an opinion on, good content incorporates these things to add value to a reader’s life.

Content is nothing without a Plan

As much as you would like to have content simply get on the scene and convert customers right away, this isn’t a viable point of view to have. Content works with other content pieces to generate an overall effect that encourages the customer to respond to your call to action. Unless you have an end result for your content plan you’re shooting without a target, usually with the same results.

Content Creation is an Ongoing Affair

What a content producer quickly learns about content is that there can never be enough. Regular content production means that before you’re even aware, you’ve exhausted your original supply of topics and have to find places to draw inspiration from for your future discussions. It’s easy to get a handle on where other content producers look to for inspiration, but yours might not even be of the same type or flavor; because you are always going to need fresh content, you’ll always need to be creating new content.

Content Creation sometimes requires Thinking outside the Box

Some of the most popular content campaigns were based around content production that was non-traditional. They worked because they were new and innovative and worked to motivate the reader in new and interesting ways. The aim of content production is to go viral and the best way to do this is to identify with your customer. The more outlandish your content, the more likely that people will share it and spread the word. Different is cool.

Use Key Knowledge of Content Production to Your Advantage

As a business owner, content production might not even be something you see on your radar. However, based on how much it impacts any particular business, it should be something that each and every business owner should be aware of. Knowing the key points in content production makes you much better suited to direct and oversee your overall content marketing plan.


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